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Creating Your Signature
  • Change any information in the text boxes to the left.
  • Select your layout by clicking on one of the templates below.
  • Click the Generate button to create your electronic signature. It will display in an overlay box.
Adding/Saving Your Photo
  • Click the "Browse..." button to select a photo before clicking the generate button.
Saving Your Signature
  • Once the overlay box is displayed, right-click on the signature image and click "Save Image As...", "Save picture as...", or whatever similar option appears in your browser.
  • In the dialog box that appears, save the image in your Documents folder. The file name should already be "signature.png"
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Setting Your Signature in Outlook
  • Click the Tab at the top left in the Outlook's window, and click "Options" in the menu.
  • Find the "Mail" option on the left of the Options window, then click "Signatures" in the panel to the right.
  • After the "Signatures and Stationery" window displays, click "New" to create a new signature.
  • Enter a name for your signature in the box that appears.
  • Click the OK button to display a window to add the signature. Make sure the name you just entered is highlighted in blue on the left before making changes in the box at the bottom
  • Click the image icon , and browse to the location where you originally saved your signature earlier.
  • Click on the file name and click the OK button. The image now appears in the box below.
  • In the "New messages" drop down list, select the file name so the signature will be used in all new messages.
  • In the “Replies/forwards” drop down list, select the file name to use the same signature in all replies and forwards.
  • Click the OK button to save your changes
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Inserting a Signature into a single e-mail
  • If you'd rather not include your signature automatically each time, and would like to place it manually, you can do so when composing a new message.
  • Click the Signature button in the Include section of the Message ribbon at the top
  • Select your signature from the dropdown list that appears in order to use it in the current e-mail
  • TIP: The last option in the dropdown ("Signatures...") allows you to view and edit all your signatures in the same form from the above step.
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